Should You Worry About Standing Water?

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With the recent rain showers in the weather it’s important to take a look at your parking lot or driveway. If you’ve started to notice water pooling in places you could have a potential problem. Standing water on your pavement is a destructive situation that can lead to costly repairs, structural instability, and the need for premature resurfacing. This problem can become worse when there’s automotive fluids such as gasoline or oil present because these substances soften the asphalt’s binding agents. As a result, the surface allows moisture in more quickly, leading to erosion of the base layers which can ruin your parking lot if left unattended.

What Causes Standing Water?

Standing water is often caused when the surface of the asphalt is compressed or eroded. More often than not, this compression is caused by large trucks, heavy machinery, or even the repeated back and forth driving and parking over time on, especially if your parking lot wasn’t built to withstand a lot of weight. Another possible reason you could have standing water is improper drainage.

Occasionally your parking lot’s drainage system may be inadequate to handle the volume of rain in your area. When that happens the water can start to erode the pavement’s foundation, causing it to sink in spots.

The major problem with standing water is that eventually it can penetrate the seal coating and begin to oxidize and deteriorate the asphalt binding agents. When this happens, cracks will start to form around the sunken areas in your driveway. In extreme cases, you could develop large potholes or your asphalt may start to crumble entirely.

How Can Standing Water Be Prevented?

If you’re interested in preventing water from pooling on your pavement, there are a few things to do. For starters, don’t allow trucks to drive through the parking lot and make sure that heavy equipment or objects are not sitting on it for an extended period of time. Cleaning up oil and other automotive spills right away is also essential because these caustic chemicals can deteriorate the bitumen that binds the asphalt together and break up sealant that helps prevent water from seeping to the sublayers. If your parking lot is fitted with catch basins, make sure that they don’t get clogged with debris, otherwise they can become ineffective at draining excess rainwater off your property.

How Do You Deal With Standing Water?

If you are experiencing standing water on your property, the first thing that should be done is to call a professional. After a thorough inspection they will be able to determine the underlying causes of your standing water issues and recommend appropriate repairs. Most of the time they can fill in the sunken areas of your driveway so that rainwater can run off the pavement and be absorbed back into the ground, but If you have inadequate drainage, you may need trench drains or a system of curbs and gutters to help relieve your standing water issues.

Baughman Magic Seal is an asphalt company that can assist you in all your asphalt needs. Whether you need preventive maintenance such as sealing to keep the water away or you’re concerned about the standing water in the parking lot, we can help. Call us today to schedule your free estimate at (716) 836 – 8880.