Salt is good for preventing winter accidents, but it has a negative effect on the environment. Water runoff with salt harms plants and animals as well as local waterways. In fact, studies have shown that road salt leads to higher salinization levels in rivers, lakes, and drinking water. So while there are benefits to salt use, it is important to shovel and plow snow away first and use deicing chemicals sparingly. A mixture of sand and salt can be used to improve traction and help melt away stubborn patches of ice during the winter season.If your asphalt is already starting to show signs of winter wear and tear, its important to make repairs to your surfaces as soon as possible. Here at Baughman Magic Seal we can make sure your asphalt surfaces stay smooth and look great all year long. Call us today to talk about your asphalt issues at (716) 836 – 8880.#buffalo#amherst#tonawanda