Reasons to sealcoat your asphalt parking lot

Your asphalt parking lot is prone to potholes, chipping, cracking and more. Sealcoating your parking lot helps to prevent these things from happening. Here are a few reasons to sealcoat your parking lot this spring:

  • Prevents auto fluids damage: It is inevitable that oil and gas will be spilled onto your parking lot so it’s important to sealcoat your parking lot so that the oil and gas won’t damage it. 
  • Prevents the sun from drying up your parking lot: Similar to how we wear sunscreen to prevent our skin from being burnt and peeling, asphalt requires a sealcoat from the sun to protect itself from cracking and drying out. 
  • Extends your parking lot’s lifetime: Since a sealcoat protects your parking lot from a lot of damage, it will extend the life of your parking lot.