Prepping your driveway before winter

Winter’s can be harsh, especially in Buffalo with the amount of snow we get. It’s important to protect your driveway from snow plows and any potential cracks forming. Here are a few steps to take to prepare your driveway for winter:

  • Clean your driveway: Before it starts to snow and your driveway piles up with snow, clean off your driveway. Remove any branches and debris. If anything is left on the driveway after it snows, it can cause cracks and deterioration in your driveway.
  • Check for draining issues: If your driveway has draining issues, it can cause puddles to stay on the driveway after the snow melts. If the temperature gets cold, the puddles can turn into ice and cause cracking in your driveway.
  • Fix cracks in your driveway: Check to see if you have any cracks in your driveway. If you do, fill them in ASAP. Water can get into the cracks and then freeze which expands the water and cause the crack to expand.