Parking Lot Striping: Traffic Paint Types

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A freshly paved parking lot should have bright and clear striping in order to create beautiful curb appeal for your business. Parking lot striping is more than just organizing where cars should park. A properly striped parking lot can help organize traffic flow, provide clearly designated parking spaces, and help your parking lot comply with fire and emergency regulations as well as keep your business ADA compliant. From handicap parking spaces, curbs, loading zones, special markings, crosswalks, and more, your parking lot can have several areas that need adequate markings. Each marking makes your parking lot look more professional and clearly labeled, helping those that frequent your establishment.

There are several types of traffic paints available for parking lot line striping. Client preference and climate conditions can play a factor in the type of paint a contractor may use.

Water-based Traffic Paint

Water based paint is one of the most popular choices of striping contractors. Water-based paint is also one of the most cost effective striping solutions on the market. Since the paint is water based it also makes it the most eco-friendly choices as well. Water-based paints are not ideal for colder climates prone to freezing temperatures as it can break down and deteriorate the paint the colder it gets outside.

Oil-based Traffic Paint

Oil based paints are more ideal for colder climates as they won’t freeze or break down as easily as water-based acrylics. While water based paints can start to break down in colder climates, oil based paints are the most widely used because they offer the best durability for the cost. A highly trafficked parking lot may benefit from a higher-quality oil-based paint, so it won’t have to be touched up as often, especially after a long winter.

Thermoplastic Traffic Paint

Thermoplastic paint utilizes plastic to bond to the asphalt surface.  Thermoplastic paint is an ideal choice for parking lot striping because it will last a long time and the striping won’t have to be touched up as often as some of the other options. The downside is the cost. Thermoplastic paint is the most expensive type of paint used in parking lot striping, but the longevity it provides could equal out in the long run.

Reflective Traffic Paint

Reflective paint is a specialized product that adds little glass beads to the mix making it highly reflective at night. Reflective paint is typically used for striping roads and highways but can be used for parking lot striping if increased night time visibility is needed.

Top Quality Parking Lot Striping

As aesthetically pleasing and as much curb appeal a freshly painted parking lot can add to your business, parking lot painting serves an important role in helping to organize and assist your patrons. Keep your parking lot looking great and stay in compliance with Baughman Magic Seal’s parking lot striping services. Call for your free project estimate today at (716) 836-8880.